It’s fall y’all!

I have been bad about posting. Such is my life. I haven’t told anything about myself. I’m a mom of course. I have an amazing 4 year old that I can’t wait to share funny stories about. I’m also a supervisor of social workers. I love this line of work but often times it feels like I’m always in crisis mode. My schedule is always, ALWAYS changing and that can make any kind of routine be nearly impossible. I do want to start posting more pics and posts. I would love to gain a good little group of readers. So, I started the 30 day challenge and then I realized “oh crap it’s fall!” So I changed a few days to fit the fall weather. Saturday night we had a bonfire and friends over so I made a big pot of vegan chili. One of my favorite things about fall is SOUP!!! Tonight I made a yummy vegan pumpkin soup!! OMG! It’s a must try and honestly it was super easy too! I will post the link to the website!! I also, because of the stress of my job, almost always have to have a glass of red wine on days like today. Today, was the Monday from HELL!!! Oh well, my antioxidant rich red wine (because drinking CAN be healthy) was so warm and made me feel more relaxed as I sipped it and watched a little of Silver Linings Playbook! Great movie if you haven’t seen it! I’m so curious if anyone else has stumbled across any new yummy fall soups!! Leave your recipes in the comments. I’ll try anything once. 😉 Well, hope everyone’s week is awesome!


Vegan Pumpkin Soup Recipe!