Monomeals, kindergarten and the week from hell!

So, the title says it all. I mean this week though….!!!!! Coming back from a vacation is never easy. I always say you need a vacation to recover from a vacation. Monday was a rough start to the week with taking my son to a specialist for there being high levels of calcium in his urine. He had to have blood work done and…😒😒😒 it was rough. As a result G now has to eat a low sodium diet. I guess we all should be on a low sodium diet and I will have to be much more aware of everything he’s eating. I don’t mind doing this at all!!! I’m actually kind of glad that it was brought to my attention bc I want my child to be as healthy as possible. Any Mommas with advice on this I accept with open ears!!! Then Tuesday was his FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!!!! All you Mommas out there feel me on this I’m sure… He’s all grown up!

Then, like an idiot, I made the bright decision to start the monomeals. I ate only bananas for 1.7 days. 🍌😊 It was ok except I could barely finish my last lunch banana on Tuesday afternoon for my snack. 😝 So, I ate a big salad for dinner that night. Since then, I’ve eaten completely rawπŸ…πŸŒπŸ‡πŸπŸπŸ‹πŸπŸŽπŸ‰πŸπŸˆ. I want to cleanse a little from my vacation. I think I’ve cleaned out real good because I’ve had a lot of πŸ’© (Sorry for TMI).  Hopefully, I can make it to the weekend. The stress of my job plus the craziness from my son and all his stuff this week only makes me want to stress eat!!!! What was I thinking?!?!?!?

Well, my birthday is Monday and I’m going to have a few good foods and maybe a drinky poo or too…🍺, 🍻😜. I may not have picked the best week to do this stuff but I did it none the less. I have felt pretty good too…considering. 

Anyone else cleansing or have any advice for cleansing?  

I will continue to try to make time to post and blog my progress and struggles. He he. I am now accepting encouragements! πŸ˜†



I’m baaaaaack…

So, I haven’t blogged in a while and I want to try to do this more often. I know my posts don’t have to be long. Just gotta stick with it. Again, I started blogging to motivate people to get healthy, go vegan, go gluten free,get motivated, encourage, support and create a community of people that are more like me with real struggles and real life stuff. I haven’t been on my game with the gluten free stuff much lately. I will always and forever be vegan. That’s just all there is to it for me anymore. My heart and mind are changed forever and I’ll never go back to eating animal. I’ve seen and learned too much. After going on vacation last week I’m thinking about doing a drastic cleanse starting with doing a monomeal deal. A “monomeal” is having the same fruit for every meal for like 3 days or more. The point is to cleanse your body for a fresh start and not confuse your body during that time. I think I’m gonna eat only bananas for 3 days and then try eating raw for a while. Any takers on joining me??!?!? Come on people, let’s do something incredible for our bodies and see what happens!!! 

Off my game…

Ok, so, I was so pumped up about my 30 day vegan/gluten free challenge to mark my one year being vegan. I was going to follow my detailed written challenge for 30 days. Now, this isn’t super different than what I normally eat as I am always vegan and gluten free but I was doing it to mark the one year and to maybe bring some people along with me. But no one showed any interest. So, I ended up straying because I thought “I would keep strict If I had people depending on me”. Later I got to thinking about it and I do have someone depending on me. ME!!! I’m depending on myself to keep the only body I have in shape and healthy. I’m really good for the most part about eating pretty healthy but the exercise is where I slack. It’s funny too because I love to run. I just can’t seem to find the motivation. Maybe it’s due in part to the super stressful week I have been having at work. That makes it really hard to have any extra energy. But I’m writing this to reach out to people. Is there anyone else who struggles with working out as much as I do? I want the total package. I want to have toned, sexy muscles. So, why can’t I do something about it? I get so frustrated and down on myself that I’ve made It this far and can’t make any more progress. I need some serious motivation. I need to regain my focus and get back on track. This really is the WORST time of year to not be on top of my game! So, any motivational tips are greatly encouraged and appreciated. Let’s do this together!!!


Martini Please and Hold the Egg.

I wanted to share a funny (it’s not really that funny considering…) story that happened to me a couple weeks ago. My best friend’s birthday party was at Bonefish Grill. Now, being a vegan for a year I knew going into this that I wouldn’t be able to eat much. I typically plan ahead for situations such as these. And just like usual I ate before I went with the intention of having a couple adult beverages to celebrate the occasion. As we started ordering I immediately put in my order for a raspberry martini. If you’ve never had a raspberry martini from Bonefish let me tell you, they are delish! I drink my absolutely fabulous martini and, being the light weight that I am, started feeling pretty good! I proceeded to look over the menu and see if there was anything I could possibly make vegan to snack on. I told the waiter of my diet and he tried to help. Later, he went around asking if anyone wanted another drink. Of course, “I’ll have another raspberry martini, please.” The waiter then says, in front of the entire party who knows I’m vegan and have been joking about it all night, “Oh, I should tell you that there are egg whites in the martini you ordered.” And just like that he dropped that bomb on me. I know my face turned blood red as everyone at my table watched me and even the waiter stood and stared. I’m not sure if they were waiting on me to start flipping tables and going crazy about having ingested chicken embryo after my strict dedication to my diet for nearly a year or what. I told him I would not like another martini now. Again, he stared at me along with everyone at the table. I looked at my friend, also vegan and said “Um, I didn’t know I should ask if a martini was vegan.” She was as mortified as I was. The waiter, still standing there asked if I would like anything else. My level of embarrassment reached an all time high. I quickly responded with “No, I’m good.” He kept talking and I kept wishing he would just go away. Finally, I think I might have gotten a little pissy and he left me alone. What. The. Hell?! I’m sorry Bonefish Grill, but come on. I mean, I can’t imagine any person would sign up to drink raw egg in a martini, vegan or not! So, the moral of the story is I will never, EVER order another drink without asking if there is any animal product in it. Not only to avoid ingesting animal but I will also avoid sheer embarrassment!! From now on I’ll stick to my antioxidant rich red wine!



It’s fall y’all!

I have been bad about posting. Such is my life. I haven’t told anything about myself. I’m a mom of course. I have an amazing 4 year old that I can’t wait to share funny stories about. I’m also a supervisor of social workers. I love this line of work but often times it feels like I’m always in crisis mode. My schedule is always, ALWAYS changing and that can make any kind of routine be nearly impossible. I do want to start posting more pics and posts. I would love to gain a good little group of readers. So, I started the 30 day challenge and then I realized “oh crap it’s fall!” So I changed a few days to fit the fall weather. Saturday night we had a bonfire and friends over so I made a big pot of vegan chili. One of my favorite things about fall is SOUP!!! Tonight I made a yummy vegan pumpkin soup!! OMG! It’s a must try and honestly it was super easy too! I will post the link to the website!! I also, because of the stress of my job, almost always have to have a glass of red wine on days like today. Today, was the Monday from HELL!!! Oh well, my antioxidant rich red wine (because drinking CAN be healthy) was so warm and made me feel more relaxed as I sipped it and watched a little of Silver Linings Playbook! Great movie if you haven’t seen it! I’m so curious if anyone else has stumbled across any new yummy fall soups!! Leave your recipes in the comments. I’ll try anything once. πŸ˜‰ Well, hope everyone’s week is awesome!


Vegan Pumpkin Soup Recipe!

Vegan/Gluten Free Challenge!!!

So, in honor of my first post and in honor of my one year being Vegan and Gluten free I’m starting a 30 challenge. My bestie and I are actually starting and taking all the work out of it for anyone who wants to try it. It’s complete with 30 day meal plan, grocery list and recipes! Oh, and, it’s free!!! I’m gonna post the link to everything in the blog below!

Now, a little bit about this journey
. I initial started a challenge much the same as this one to lose weight. I was the heaviest I had been (except pregnancy) and I felt as if it was getting out of control. My family has always struggled with weight, diabetes, and other serious health problems caused by being over weight. I was done. It wasn’t easy. Lots of people made fun of me for it but here I am 35lbs lighter than I was a year ago! It feels great! Join me! Take control of your health and your life. If you are a mom, do it for your family. Do it so you will be a super fun and active grandmother some day. I’m here for you with inspiration and motivation!!! I want to inspire other moms to feel as good as I do and to teach our families a healthier way to live!! Follow me on Instagram @mom2g and see pics for motivation and inspiration along the way! Here we go!


Grocery list week 1

week 1-2 schedule

recipe guide week 1