I’m baaaaaack…

So, I haven’t blogged in a while and I want to try to do this more often. I know my posts don’t have to be long. Just gotta stick with it. Again, I started blogging to motivate people to get healthy, go vegan, go gluten free,get motivated, encourage, support and create a community of people that are more like me with real struggles and real life stuff. I haven’t been on my game with the gluten free stuff much lately. I will always and forever be vegan. That’s just all there is to it for me anymore. My heart and mind are changed forever and I’ll never go back to eating animal. I’ve seen and learned too much. After going on vacation last week I’m thinking about doing a drastic cleanse starting with doing a monomeal deal. A “monomeal” is having the same fruit for every meal for like 3 days or more. The point is to cleanse your body for a fresh start and not confuse your body during that time. I think I’m gonna eat only bananas for 3 days and then try eating raw for a while. Any takers on joining me??!?!? Come on people, let’s do something incredible for our bodies and see what happens!!! 


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