Off my game…

Ok, so, I was so pumped up about my 30 day vegan/gluten free challenge to mark my one year being vegan. I was going to follow my detailed written challenge for 30 days. Now, this isn’t super different than what I normally eat as I am always vegan and gluten free but I was doing it to mark the one year and to maybe bring some people along with me. But no one showed any interest. So, I ended up straying because I thought “I would keep strict If I had people depending on me”. Later I got to thinking about it and I do have someone depending on me. ME!!! I’m depending on myself to keep the only body I have in shape and healthy. I’m really good for the most part about eating pretty healthy but the exercise is where I slack. It’s funny too because I love to run. I just can’t seem to find the motivation. Maybe it’s due in part to the super stressful week I have been having at work. That makes it really hard to have any extra energy. But I’m writing this to reach out to people. Is there anyone else who struggles with working out as much as I do? I want the total package. I want to have toned, sexy muscles. So, why can’t I do something about it? I get so frustrated and down on myself that I’ve made It this far and can’t make any more progress. I need some serious motivation. I need to regain my focus and get back on track. This really is the WORST time of year to not be on top of my game! So, any motivational tips are greatly encouraged and appreciated. Let’s do this together!!!



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