Martini Please and Hold the Egg.

I wanted to share a funny (it’s not really that funny considering…) story that happened to me a couple weeks ago. My best friend’s birthday party was at Bonefish Grill. Now, being a vegan for a year I knew going into this that I wouldn’t be able to eat much. I typically plan ahead for situations such as these. And just like usual I ate before I went with the intention of having a couple adult beverages to celebrate the occasion. As we started ordering I immediately put in my order for a raspberry martini. If you’ve never had a raspberry martini from Bonefish let me tell you, they are delish! I drink my absolutely fabulous martini and, being the light weight that I am, started feeling pretty good! I proceeded to look over the menu and see if there was anything I could possibly make vegan to snack on. I told the waiter of my diet and he tried to help. Later, he went around asking if anyone wanted another drink. Of course, “I’ll have another raspberry martini, please.” The waiter then says, in front of the entire party who knows I’m vegan and have been joking about it all night, “Oh, I should tell you that there are egg whites in the martini you ordered.” And just like that he dropped that bomb on me. I know my face turned blood red as everyone at my table watched me and even the waiter stood and stared. I’m not sure if they were waiting on me to start flipping tables and going crazy about having ingested chicken embryo after my strict dedication to my diet for nearly a year or what. I told him I would not like another martini now. Again, he stared at me along with everyone at the table. I looked at my friend, also vegan and said “Um, I didn’t know I should ask if a martini was vegan.” She was as mortified as I was. The waiter, still standing there asked if I would like anything else. My level of embarrassment reached an all time high. I quickly responded with “No, I’m good.” He kept talking and I kept wishing he would just go away. Finally, I think I might have gotten a little pissy and he left me alone. What. The. Hell?! I’m sorry Bonefish Grill, but come on. I mean, I can’t imagine any person would sign up to drink raw egg in a martini, vegan or not! So, the moral of the story is I will never, EVER order another drink without asking if there is any animal product in it. Not only to avoid ingesting animal but I will also avoid sheer embarrassment!! From now on I’ll stick to my antioxidant rich red wine!




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