Vegan/Gluten Free Challenge!!!

So, in honor of my first post and in honor of my one year being Vegan and Gluten free I’m starting a 30 challenge. My bestie and I are actually starting and taking all the work out of it for anyone who wants to try it. It’s complete with 30 day meal plan, grocery list and recipes! Oh, and, it’s free!!! I’m gonna post the link to everything in the blog below!

Now, a little bit about this journey
. I initial started a challenge much the same as this one to lose weight. I was the heaviest I had been (except pregnancy) and I felt as if it was getting out of control. My family has always struggled with weight, diabetes, and other serious health problems caused by being over weight. I was done. It wasn’t easy. Lots of people made fun of me for it but here I am 35lbs lighter than I was a year ago! It feels great! Join me! Take control of your health and your life. If you are a mom, do it for your family. Do it so you will be a super fun and active grandmother some day. I’m here for you with inspiration and motivation!!! I want to inspire other moms to feel as good as I do and to teach our families a healthier way to live!! Follow me on Instagram @mom2g and see pics for motivation and inspiration along the way! Here we go!


Grocery list week 1

week 1-2 schedule

recipe guide week 1



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